On October 31st, 1945, Paul Della Universita masterminded and pulled off the largest narcotics
heist at the time in US history. The heist took place during the time when Lucky Luciano, Vito
Genovese, Albert Anastasia and others were leading figures in the Mob. How did a 27 year old
seemingly unknown wiseguy get away with this? The docks were run by Anastasia at the time. Did
Paulie get a pass or was he already more powerful than Anastasia, but unknown to the authorities
and the press?

Only two documents could be found to confirm this heist took place. You now can read them. He
went on to become known throughout the Mob as Paulie “Lefty” and then the highly revered

Very reliable sources have disclosed that thirty-three years later he was involved in the planning
one of the largest heist to this day: the Lufthansa Heist featured in the movie Goodfellas.
$5,000,000 in cash and $875,000 in jewels were stolen. The kingpin of the heist, Paul Vario, was a
business associate of Paulie Lefty and earlier featured in the disposal of Jimmy Hoffa’s body (see
the link on the website under Audio).

Paulie Lefty was the last member of the 1945 heist to be arrested, tried and convicted. He was
never again convicted for anything and evaded the attention of the press, yet his name will
become legend after the book, For Members Only, discloses his identity.
The Heist
New York Times, largest narcotics heist in history
True Detective, January 1950
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the man who carried it out, order your copy of "For Members Only" today.
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