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Attorney John Lakin's
Interview of Actor
Ed Lauter
Actor Ed Lauter's
Thoughts on the Book &
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"Ninety percent of the public has never heard of how a powerful, under the radar
mob figure, who ran little Italy in NYC for many years, but this book gives a
fantastic account of  Lefty Paulie's power. After appearing in over 80 movies, I
know first hand about a great story, this is a must read book"

Ed Lauter, Actor,
Los Angeles, CA
Listen to what Hollywood actor
Ed Lauter thinks of this story
" As a long time criminal defense lawyer, I have never encounter a book more
truthful in its accounts of graphic details by the writer, G.T. Harrell. This book is a
must read, for any one that has any interest in the mob, law, and how a family from
Italy survived in New York City in the 20th century"

John F. Lakin, Esq                                                                                                                  
   TRU TV Analyst
Bradenton, FL
Press & TV Contact