Why will Jimmy Hoffa's Body never be found?
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Sonny’s story about witnessing the disposal of Hoffa’s body has real credence and is backed up by none other
than Bill Bonanno, son of Joe Bonanno, in his book,
Bound by Honor and serial killer Richard Kuklinski, aka the
“Ice Man”. Bonanno says in his book that Hoffa was “run through a car compactor”, and is probably in someone’s
front fender. This tallies with the facts that the Bonanno family was running Brooklyn at the time, knew Paulie
Vario and certainly would have gotten the word of Hoffa’s disposal, if not from Vario himself, certainly from Paulie
Lefty. Kuklinski revealed in a television interview that Hoffa in fact was crushed in a car compactor. Kuklinski was a
hit man for the mob and used the chop shop owned by Paul Vario to dispose of many bodies. It makes perfect
sense that Kuklinski was privy to Hoffa’s disposal as well. Hoffa’s disposal had been also confirmed to Paulie Lefty
by his own brother who was there. Sonny also knew “Tony Pro” through his brother and knew that he was a
“heavy-hitter.” There was definitely a connection between Tony Pro Provenzano and Paulie Lefty according to
Sonny. Did Paulie Lefty plan and set up the kidnapping and murder of Hoffa? Very possibly. Sonny suspects that
it could be true given their many evenings watching stories about Hoffa’s disappearance and Paulie’s ridiculing
the reports about possible sites of his disposal. All Sonny knows for sure is that he identified Hoffa’s lifeless body,
which had a bullet hole in his forehead, and saw him crushed in a car at Paulie Vario’s chop shop.
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