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Really enjoyed your interview last night on Coast to Coast AM.  I know you are telling the truth about the
Hoffa hit, because that's what I was told in 1976.  At that time, I worked for a trucking company in a suburb
of Chicago.  What I don't know is how Hoffa wound up in New York.  He was snatched in Detroit at the Red
Fox Inn.  It's difficult to understand how they would take the chance of driving his body across 1/3 of the
United States to put him in a car crusher in New York.

One of the owners of the trucking company, knowing I had a new car on order, said to me:  "When you
polish your new car, Jimmy Hoffa will be smiling up at you."

He also told me that the reason the Mob "did" Hoffa was that Hoffa wanted to take over the Teamsters
again.  The Outfit already had Roy Williams from Kansas City in place, and were very happy with him.  
They didn't want Hoffa to come back.

I was raised with the family of the man who took over the Chicago Mob at the special request of Tony

What I don't understand, is your use of the word "consiglieri."  That means "counselor."  It does NOT
mean the head of all the mobs.  That series of words is "capo di tutti capi" -- "boss of all the bosses."  
Why do you keep using "consiglieri?"

You may be interested in knowing that Deirdre Capone has written a book entitled "Inside the Capone
Family," which is to be published this year.  She is the last living member of the Capone family.  If you
want, I will put you in touch with her.

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I agree with you on the Hoffa hit, one of the questions I had is why they drove him all the way to NY. I
guess the NY bosses wanted to verify that Hoffa was dead. In regards to the consigliore, Paul lefty was
the consigliore or counselor for all the bosses. He was not a boss himself and was not associated with
any specific family. He was the head of all Consigliore’s. If there was a dispute in one of the family’s,
Gambino, Genovese, etc. and they could not resolve the issue among their family consigliore’s, then
Paul Lefty, “The Judge” would consult as an impartial mediator and settle the issue. Paul lefty was
backed by the Sicilian Union, which really controlled the mob. The book has more details and explains
his power and how he became counselor for the American Mafia.

Thanks again for you comment and hope you enjoy the book.


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Do you have any opinions,information etc. on the death of actress Marilyn Monroe? I ask because for
over 40 years I have read about a connection with her death/murder and the mafia and of course JFK.
She was certainly associated with some "members" via her relationship with several Hollywood big-wigs
Was she "silenced" as some suggest or was her death a message to some,like a "This could happen to
you" type move?

One day about 12 years ago some friends and I were discussing a book by H.Donahue re:/ JFK killing,a
pretty ridiculous book which is why we were talking about it. I had an antiques store where we were
debating the book's validity- a customer had been listening to us and finally said "That book is
nonsense, so and so was a friend of mine and he never did what Donahue said he did!" This customer
was actually mad but went on about some type of pottery he was looking for and could I call him if I ever
got any; he gave me his card.When I read his name I was shocked as this man was right in the thick of
JFK killing,photos of him world famous etc. he obviously wanted anonymity as he asked me not to tell
friends who he was.
I shamelessly followed him to his car,explained how my father was a ballistics expert hired by Warren
Comm. and his opinions never used as they did not like what he told them etc.I said "Please tell me who
did this, it has loomed over my family for years.." He said "I can't tell you that but I will ask YOU a
question...Who was our next president?" Got in his car and drove off.This was in Richmond,Va.
I later read where this man had some real personal trouble coming to grips with his not being able to
save the president etc. which made me feel pretty dumb for pressuring him..
Evidently,LBJ had to be in cahoots with members or the "hit" never would have gone off smoothly?
Lastly,years ago I was doing an antiques show in Atlanta going out to dinner with some other dealers
that I did not man was and stayed very drunk during dinner and started mumbling about JFK
killing,his friends promptly took him back to their hotel while the woman I'd met that day explained this
man had worked on JFK autopsy,feared for his life for years and had told her that there was definitely a
different caliber bullet in JFK brain than Oswald had.I've ordered your book and can not wait to read mean time appreciate any info on Marilyn Monroe death!Thank you for your time!...

Reply To:   “Michael”

Marilyn Monroe answer:
Thanks so much for your very interesting email. I had so much material to put in the book that I had to
concentrate specifically on “Paulie Lefty” and his brother, Sonny. I had dozens of inside stories about
top actors and TV personalities who were “clients” of Broadway Sonny, but I chose not to name them as
their family members probably didn’t know that they were junkies. The stories of entertainers being good
friends with mobsters are legion. There are so many theories about Marilyn Monroe’s demise that it
would have required a great deal of reading many, many accounts to come up with any definitive
answers. Loads of books have been written about JFK and Monroe and most, as you have heard, are
BS. To murder Monroe would have flown in the face of the Code: Never harm a woman. Never harm
anyone who is not an active member (like made-men). She was not a nark and not by any means an
active member of the Mob. One theory was that she was taken out to warn JFK. That’s bunk. His
brother, yes, not a woman or someone not directly connected with the Mob.
As for LBJ, I document in the book that the issue of Jack Ruby getting into the Dallas Police Station is
highly suspicious. Many of the people surrounding Oswald at the time he was whacked knew Ruby. How
was he allowed to be there and in a front row position packing heat? He also knew exactly the time of the
delivery of Oswald. I believe Dallas was chosen as the location in which JFK would be whacked because
Oswald and Rudy were there. It was very convenient because Ruby knew many of the cops and
probably said that he would have no difficulty getting to the perp that killed the “national figure.” As it
turned out to be the shooter of his idol JFK, he was more determined than ever to seek his revenge and
“get his bones for the Mob.” The Warren Commission report completely whitewashed the whole series of
events. Whether LBJ had a part in the whitewash, no one will ever know. I very much doubt that he had
anything to do with the JFK killing, but Democrat politics in Texas were well known to be very corrupt and
the Mob had their tentacles in politics all over the country, including Dallas. It could be explained that
they chose Dallas because speculation would abound as it was well known that JFK and LBJ were not
good friends. Whatever, it points to Dallas as being the ideal venue for the whack.
Your story about the man who performed the autopsy only goes to confirm what I related on the Noory
show. I met a man at of all things an antique show, he was a prominent dealer. He said that at one time a
neighbor and good friend told him during a very liquid evening that he/she was the sole person to
perform JFK’s autopsy and that there definitely was a second bullet that finished him off and that it was a
different ballistic from Oswald’s rifle. That person also was in great fear that someone would have
him/her killed. The person soon moved away and never made contact again. I have since heard stories
that the shooter was not on “the grassy knoll” but in the sewer system and took the shot from a storm
drain and escaped out the sewer system. Who knows? All I know is that I’m certain beyond a doubt that
the Oswald shooting and his murder were related. If he missed JFK, another would finish the hit. The
story is reported in complete detail in the book. Enjoy the book.

G.T. Harrell