Contents of For Members Only
The Story of the Mob’s Secret Judge
by G.T. Harrell

Some of the questions answered in the book are described below:

What really happened to Jimmy Hoffa after he disappeared? Go to the
Hoffa page and play the
video for a brief description and read the book for the full details.

Was Vito Genovese set up for his drug bust which resulted in him being sent to prison? The full
story is told by the man who counseled Vito and his crew on how to beat the rap.

Was “Lucky” Luciano really set up in his bust and imprisonment for extortion and trafficking of
prostitution? The real story as told by the wiseguy who really was the guilty person is described in
detail as told to his best friend with whom he was incarcerated at both Comstock and Clinton prisons.

Were the FBI and other law enforcement agencies fed false information which has become part of
“recorded history?” The facts are disclosed as told by people who lived and worked within the Mob
community for most of their lives.

Did the Mafia help America in its war effort to defeat Germany during World War II?  “The Judge”
played an integral part in the whole plan. He was a good friend of Vito Genovese and Lucky Luciano
who played key roles in the invasion of Sicily and later Italy.

Who organized and carried out the largest narcotics heist in history in the mid ‘40s but never made
headlines for the rest of his life?
Visit our page on The Heist and read the book for the whole story
of the planning and execution of the theft.

Were there supposed bosses of Mafia families who were really a front to cover the identity of the
real bosses?

Who gave Vincent “Chin” Gigante the idea to walk the streets of Little Italy in his pajamas and
slippers in the daytime, only to transform into a powerful boss at night and conduct his business?
His close friend told me the whole story.

What was really the reason for Chin’s” abortive hit on his friend, Frank Costello?
What was the real reason for the rubout of Albert Anastasia?

Who was the Consigliere for all five of the major Mafia families? His secret identity was confirmed by
a leading authority on the Mob’s history.

How did this mysterious man get into the Mob and rise to such a high rank and garner the respected
moniker of The Judge while maintaining anonymity throughout his life?

What rackets were within the culture of the Mafia that have never been exposed and provided the
money to fund many Mob bosses’ enterprises?

What was the real reason for the hit on “Big Paul” Castellano by John Gotti and his crew members?

Why did Sammy “The Bull” Gravano turn on Gotti and become a rat? Was he coerced by other key
bosses to turn?

Were there many secret bosses who were really running businesses and rackets that were never
reported and remained under the radar screen? Who were they?

What is the origin of the term: La Cosa Nostra as used today to describe the Mafia? A wiseguy who
first heard the term used in passing and later heard it used as the “new title” for the Mafia tells the
whole story.

How did an ex-gangster become one of the founders of Off Off Broadway and end up giving the first
acting job to Robert DeNiro and many others?

How did wiseguys and made-men make tens of thousands of dollars every year during the San
Gennaro Festival in Little Italy?

What was it like to be a wife or a child of a known mobster? What did they really know? What was
their lifestyle? How were they protected? Three generations of the Judge’s family tell their
compelling story.
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