“My days and nights in the 1990's as a New York Daily News gossip columnist put me in the same
tight, red banquets with a mixture of the Mafia's old guard and its impatient young Turks.
Fortunately, I got along with all of them and our friendships still endure to this day. I never did get
to meet the infamous Pauly Lefty, but I was treated to his tales by some of the biggest, most
important men in "this thing of ours." The most amazing of which was how the old guard - guided
by Pauly Lefty - clearly left Gambino boss John Gotti out to dry. While the Teflon Don flashed
around town in Brioni suits while handing out hundreds to the homeless, Lefty and his co-horts
patiently waited for him to get himself pinched so that "this thing of theirs" could go on and prosper
as it always had. You hear that? That's "The Ghost" getting the last laugh from the grave.”
A.J. Benza
New York Daily News Columnist

"Ninety percent of the public has never heard of how a powerful, under the radar mob figure, ran
little Italy in NYC for many years, but this book gives a fantastic account of  lefty Paulie's power.
After appearing in over 80 movies, I know first hand about a great story, this is a must read book"
Ed Lauter
Los Angeles, CA

“As a long time criminal defense lawyer, I have never encountered a book more truthful in its
accounts of graphic details by the writer, G.T. Harrell. This book is a must read, for any one that
has any interest in the mob, law, and how a family from Italy survived in New York City in the 20th
John F. Lakin, Esq...
TRU TV Analyst
Bradenton, FL

We knew Paulie and Anna when we lived in Little Italy. Paulie was known to be a small time bookie,
but we always suspected that he was more than that. Now we know. Thanks for this book. It’s right
on the mark.
V.C. & B.C.
Long Island City, NY

Holy shit. I thought I’d never see the names Chalky Chalk, Patsy Credit and Paulie Lefty in print.
You got balls and this book is great. We knew them all. You got them right. Can’t wait to read more.
Joey “Spats”
Brooklyn, NY

I was a chef in Little Italy for 20 years. Everyone knew Lefty was running the show. Nothing ever
got done without his approval. He was the man. Great book. Couldn’t put it down. I think I’ll read it
Sal M.
Gainesville, Fl

I was a cop in the city for 30 years. We knew of Paulie but no one could tag him. Son of a bitch,
you got it, the whole fucking story. We tried to nail him for years but couldn’t get anything to stick.
Now we know why. Hell of a book. Everyone who lived or worked the mob thing should read this.
Former chief detective
Akron, OH

I was a driver in the city  for I wont say who but I picked up Paulie Lefty with my boss many times.
He weren’t no small time bookie for Christ sake, he was the boss over my fucking boss. I knew that
just by things that were going on in my car. Really liked the book. You tell it as it was. Paulie was
the man. Nobody ever gave it a thought to fuck with him.
Tony D.
Miami, Fl

Are you kidden me? I seen Sonny picking up bags of money from booths at the feast. We all knew
he was Lefty's brother. We was all makin a livin like him. Things was different then as now. Lefty
was topman. I even heard storys about Alto. I never met him. Fucking kick ass book, man.
Al P.
Chicago, IL
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